Letter from the Director

Dear friends,

Reah International is excited to present to you NK Projects. It is my hope that through this medium, we can help thousands of people of the DPRK. Here you will find projects related to mobilization, field workers, and the people of the DPRK.

Mobilization and education is still needed for North Korea. Most people are only aware of the nuclear proliferation and the human rights abuses inside. What people need to realize is that there are ordinary people with ordinary needs. They are concerned about the welfare of their children and how they can have a better quality of life. Much of the prejudice against North Korea must be removed before any significant work can occur inside. To that end, Empower Conferences and Forums are a means to educate the general public concerning education, economic development, and the humanitarian opportunities that are available within the country.

Reah International has focused on mobilizing people for the work inside North Korea. Now the time has come where we need to financially support those who have been mobilized. Many of these field workers have given up family and friends in their homelands; they have given up financial security in order to help the people of North Korea. Despite much opposition and obstacles, these workers have given up the best years of their lives for North Korea. We hope that through the trust that you have given to us, you will enable us to support those who are diligently and sacrificially working to help the people of NK.

In the coming years, we anticipate that North Korea will open up more to the international community. Commensurate with the transparency of North Korea, we will be giving more of your support to the indigenous people of the DPRK. Currently there are awesome opportunities in education and humanitarian aid through Christian NGOs. Those who are partnering with Reah are trusted people with a proven track record inside.

Please pray with me that God use this medium to involve millions of people like you to help the people of the DPRK presently and in the years to come.

Empowering the people of NK, one person, one project at a time,

Jamie Kim
Executive Director
Reah International

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