Security Guidelines

Posting Content

Please remember that NK Projects is a public website that is accessible by anyone with an internet connection, including leaders of North Korea. Staff and volunteers associated with Reah International regularly travel to North Korea through official channels of entry. As a result, please do not post any content that might jeopardize our relationship with the people of the DPRK. Please take note of the following guidelines.

  • DO NOT place any derogatory remarks concerning any government
  • DO NOT place any negative comments concerning any leaders
  • DO post prayers of hope and faith
  • DO post content that is a blessing

Our Partners

Due to the nature of our work, identifying information about our partners remains anonymous. Some partners may choose to release project information while others choose to generalize the content. Reah works with each partner to ensure both security and informative content. Although public information about our partners is not available, Reah is a 501c3 nonprofit that must comply with state and federal laws in regards to fundraising and financial compliance. We seek to be as transparent as we can while protecting the work of our partners.

Donation Security

We make every effort to provide a secure environment for our donors to give to the work of Reah. There are various technical and procedural mechanisms in place to ensure that the information you provide is safe. For example, our system allows anonymous donor and team profiles. We have also implemented an email verification process for registration, utilize SSL encryption, and house all our data on a dedicated server. Rest assured that credit card numbers are never stored by Reah.

If you have any concerns about security, please contact

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