Surgery and Removal of Melanoma

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This close friend and fieldworker has been dedicated for over 25-years now on projects inside and cross-borders as a consultant and tour guide. On a recent trip to the U.S., our friend was advised to undergo a skin biopsy procedure to be tested for melanoma cancer. As many fieldworkers do not have health insurance--including our friend--unexpected medical costs can be financially burdensome. We are grateful that a Christian hospital has provided a discount for our friend, but we ask for your partnership in helping her cover the medical bill and related costs for this surgery.

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About Field Workers Fund

Many of the field workers are highly educated and competent people in their fields. They have given up their comfortable living and financial security in their homelands to give their lives for the work inside. Due to the pioneering nature of the work inside, many things cannot be anticipated. This project will enable us to support these workers in special needs as they arise.

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