Blu Turtle 5K Freedom Run

Fundraiser by Judith

This fundraiser supports Field Workers Fund

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About This Fundraiser

My story: I believe one person can make a difference. I asked myself how could I make a difference? My answer: Run a 5K. I am 65 years (young) and began training three months ago with a program "Zero to 5K." I will be running my "Blu Turtle 5K Freedom Run" on September 27, 2014. If the money I raise can help just one person than I have made a difference. To make this possible the change I wanted to see in the world had to begin! I run for freedom..for those whose everyday life is controlled by someone else. I hope this will inspire those who sit on the sidelines of life to jump in with both feet and run...or do can ..make a difference!

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  • Murali Mani & Shobha 6 years ago
  • Dongsoo & Youngsoon 6 years ago
  • Tae H. & Mee S. 6 years ago
  • HYOJEONG 7 years ago
  • Judith 7 years ago
  • Matt 7 years ago

About Field Workers Fund

Many of the field workers are highly educated and competent people in their fields. They have given up their comfortable living and financial security in their homelands to give their lives for the work inside. Due to the pioneering nature of the work inside, many things cannot be anticipated. This project will enable us to support these workers in special needs as they arise.

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