North Korea Missionary Relief Fund

Fundraiser by Solomon

This fundraiser supports Field Workers Retreat

$1,490 remaining
$250 raised
15% of $1,740 goal

About This Fundraiser

This fundraiser goes towards a retreat for missionaries and humanitarian workers who voluntarily risk their own safety and well being to help the impoverished and starving people of North Korea. I decided to create this fundraiser because I recently met and spoke with a couple of missionaries who made me aware about this specific need. This fund will allow missionaries and humanitarian workers who are burned out to attend a retreat and regain the energy and inspiration to return to North Korea and continue serving people in dire need.

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About Field Workers Retreat

Coinciding with Empower Sydney, Reah is organizing a family field retreat in Sydney. This retreat is an occasion for the field workers and families to gather as a community to worship and fellowship.  In Feb 2017, we are expecting over 46 field workers and 25 children to attend the retreat. This retreat will focus on mentorship, both professional and spiritual.  The retreat will consist of teaching, testimonies, and rest in a safe and relaxing environment.

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